Finally the new webpage and design is ready for launch. Some small things may need som tuneup but I think it is ready for the world. This page is made in php and it is reading the images from my gallery directly on to the page without lifting a finger. Very handy indeed.
Take care!

I'm now unemployed again. Went for a trip to Egypt with my cousin, it was both very interesting and relaxing. I am proud to say that I've seen one of the seven wonders, only six left :) I have started to play around a little with PHP and I have created a photogallery that load all pictures from a specific folder. It will soon be up and running for public eyes.

I'm now a teacher in Computer Knowledge A and Programming A for students at Bäckadal in Jönköping.

Today I've uploaded some pictures from my vacation in Gran Canaria. I also added som misc pictures ( If you want to see how the 2007 years hardtop Ahlgrens car looks like you can always visit the showroom (PS Gallery).

Yesterday I was out in the sunshine taking some photos as I was walking in Skövde. Decided to manipulate some of the pictures I took and they are now published in the PS Gallery.

Added more webdesigns I've made. The new PS Gallery is in BETA mode, this is were I will upload pictures I have manipulated or created.

Another year has past and now I'm out of work. In search for another job as we speak. I have published some of my photos taken with my EOS 450D, check them out at I have bought a new car, this time it's an Audi A3 2.0 FSI -04. You will see plenty of pictures later when I have my summer tiers on.

So, a year has gone by and I'm not, as I thought, out of job. Still here at Norlanders.. much has happend since last time. So here's the uppdate.. Some of the good stuff; I have bought a new camera - Canon EOS 450D. The sun is shining. I have a new appartment, bought lots of furnisher but have to wait until late June before they will be delivered. I have a car now, easier to get to work, it's a beautiful Citroën ZX in dark almost racing green color.

I'm soon out of job so I have updated my about page and CV.

Proud owner of the Nintendo Wii :)

Picture gallery added with pictures from my vacation in Turkey and etc.

I'm now working at a local TV and Radio shop called Norlanders where I'm selling mobile phones.

"För jag har tagit examen... tralla la", at long last my 3 years at the university of Skövde is completed. :)

The first game we made at the Universety of Skövde, The Amazing Toaster Girl, is now added under the games menu along with some of my other projects.

New url!

I have also been busy making designs for my friends, so i added some pictures and links under webdesign.

Added some contacts to make it easier to contact me, doh :P

I've added som info about a GBA game me and my friends made for a competition late 2004. It was one of the winners and were put on a cartrige with 9 other games and sold in 500 copies worldwide.

fixed a counter... yay :)

The new page is up, with new design and new content. Please check it out asap.
Also, added some of my games made in director.

Concept art for the new page is almost complete, the homepage will be up and running in just a couple of days now.

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